Origin of Zou Christianity and the Zou Synod memories in brief

            The first known Evangelist to the Zou people was a Mizo tribesman named Hrangsuaka. In 1922 he visited the unreached Zou tribe villages from his station at Hlanbung. For easier evangelism Mr. Hrangsuaka seek the permission of Mr. Tonghao chief of Singngat village to let him stay in his village so he settled at Singngat in 1924. In 1935 Hrangsuaka went to Khianglam Zou village and he worked amongst the Zou people till 1937. Till that time there were no known baptized people for the Zou tribe. In 1946 another Paite Missionary teacher Mr. Pumzaneng opened a Lower Primary School

Zou Presbyterian Church Synod Office

at Munpi Zou village. In 1947 another Lower Primary School was established. Thus from this three fact the Zou Christians began to exist. There are not much of known records of the Christians in particular. The infant Zou Christians were under the direct administration of the North East India General Mission. In 1st March, 1953 the NEIG Mission Assembly was held at Saikot where Presbyteries were formed dialect wise such as Paite, Kuki, Mizo, Vaiphei, Hmar, Gangte but the Zou’s could not form their own Presbytery.

            As the Zou Christians could not meet the pre-requisites to form a Presbytery, and as the feeling of Tribal Identity was very strong on those days. The secret of a Zou Christian Association originated from the Ideology of (L) Mr. Ngulzakhup the 1st Ordained Elder of the Zou tribe under NEIG Mission. Thus on 22nd January 1952 the Jou Christian Association came to existence at Daijang village under the Chairmanship of (L) Elder Ngulzakhup, (L) Mr. Kamzakhup Secretary. The first Zou Christian Association was held on the 10th February 1953 at Ngoiphai village, PO Churachandpur.

            The JCA was recognised by the Evangelical Assembly Church and Pastor Luaia and Evangelist Hrangkap were assigned to look after JCA and Ordained Mr. Ngulzakhup to be the first Elder in Zou Record. Pastor Luaia administered the first Lord Supper to the Zou People on 22nd February 1955 at JCA 2nd Annual Session at Khianglam PO Churachandpur.

            The first confirmed Evangelist amongst the Zou Tribe was Evant. Kamkhojam. The first Pastor the Zou Tribe have was Pastor Vungdal of Simbuh village.

            In 1957, the JCA changed its nomenclature for Zou Christian Association to Manipur Christian Conference at Behiangtung PO Singngat Sub-Division.

            Thus in 1958 its Annual Session held at Milongmun MCC change its name Manipur Christian Conference and join the Presbyterian Church.

            Then in the year 1958 the Zou Tribe (MCC) with some Vaiphei and Thadou tribe had a Conference at Tolphei village and declared themselves as the Manipur Gam Presbytery. So at Saipum Village they resolved to joined the Mizoram Presbyterian Synod.

            In 1959 Rev. Tongkhosat Thangngeu was sent to enquire the status of the Manipur Gam Presbytery the Session that was held at Daijang village PO Churachandpur. In 1959 at the Daijang Session Mr. Thongzakhup, Mr. Lianzahao and Mr. Soikhothang were ordained as Church Elder.

            On 24th April 1959 the Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in North East India accepted the Manipur Gam Presbytery and Tuithaphai Presbytery as its member of the Manipur Presbyterian Church.

            The two Presbyteries were formally inaugurated on 11th October, 1959. Thus the Assembly sent the first Assembly Officer Rev. G.R. Sargley on 9th September 1959 to administer them.

            On 15th June Mr. Kamkhojam went to Aizawl Theological College for Theological training. On 15th March 1964 the CHT Synod ordained Pro. Pastor Kamkhojam. In 1972 at the Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod Session, Rev. (L) Ginzapau and Rev. (L) Khupdoukham were ordained by the Mizo Synod.

            The Zou had their first New Testament Bible in 1967. The Manipur Eastern Presbytery and the Khuga Sadar Presbytery were inaugurated on the 30th January 1969 after Bifucua from the Manipur Gam Presbytery at Lamka Presbyterian Church Tuithaphai.

            The First Zou Holy Bible was released in 1992 at the Manipur Gam Presbytery Head Office Compound, Zomi Colony, Churachandpur by Dr. B.K. Pramanik General Secretary Bible Society of India.

            Thus after being with the Manipur Presbyterian Church Synod for more than three Decades the Zou Presbyterian Churches formed a joint Presbytery and submitted a regard to the PCI Assembly and on the 7th May 2004 the PCI General Assembly approved the foundation of a Synod. Thus the PCI General Assembly Resolution No. 11 Dated 7-05-09 the Zou Presbyterian were granted Provisional Synod.

            The Officer of the Provisional Synod are as follows:-

No. Post/Designation Name
01 Moderator Rev. Stephen Chinzathang
02 Elect Moderator Rev. P.C. Manga
03 Secretary (Sr.) Upa S.K. Khama
04 Secretary (Jr.) Upa Suankhanmang
05 Finance Secretary Upa M. Kamzadou
06 Treasurer Upa Khaihenthang
07 Statistician Rev. Kamkhosoi
08 PCI Officer i/c Zou Synod Rev. Laldongliana
09 Sr. Executive Secretary Rev. Hangpi Manlun
10 Executive Secretary Rev. Khamchinkhai

Thus after being under Provisional Status for two years the Provisional Zou Presbyterian Church Synod was granted Full Fledged Synod on the 10th September 2006 and was dedicated by Rev. C. Rosiama, Moderator, General Assembly, The Presbyterian Church of India at the Central Church, Zou Presbyterian Church Synod.

The Zou Synod is moving and as of the 13th Session 2016 the Present position of the Synod are as follows:

Office Bearers – 2018

No. Post Designation Name
01 Moderator Rev. Zamlianpau
02 Moderator Elect Rev. Kapsuanthang
03 Secretary (Sr) Upa Kapkhanthang
04 Secretary (Jr) Upa M. Kamzadou
05 Treasurer Upa M. Sianzahau
06 Statistician Upa Shanti Kumar
07 Finance Officer Rev. Dr. Hangpi Manlun, Executive Secretary
08 Sr. Executive Secretary Rev. Khamchinkhai

Moderator---------------------------Rev. Awnkhankhup
Moderator Elect-------------------Rev. Dr Hangpi Manlun
Secretary (Sr)----------------------Elder Er. Thangchinmang
Secretary (Jr)----------------------Elder Liensuonkap
Treasurer---------------------------Elder Chinsuanthang (2017-2019)
Statistician-------------------------Elder Khaihenthang
Finance Officer-------------------Rev. Khamchinkhai, Executive Secretary
Sr. Executive Secretary--------Rev. Stephen Chinzathang

Activities and Development of the Synod

Pastoral Ministry:

            The Zou Synod has workers and works as follows:

Siempi nasepna:

No. Name Station
01 Rev. Stephen Chinzathang Lentang District
02 Rev. P.C. Manga Lamka District
03 Rev. Khamchinkhai Senior Executive Secretary
04 Rev. Dr. Hangpi Manlun Executive Secretary
05 Rev. Lamsuanthang Zoutang District
06 Rev. Zamlianpau Central District
07 Rev. Kapsuanthang Singngat District
08 Rev. Khupkhansuan Imphal District
09 Rev. Thangboi Khuongsai Tuivi District
10 Rev. Ginzalal Gunpang District
11 Rev. Mangmuanthang Tuining District
12 Rev. Kaimuanlal Delhi
13 Rev. Khamminlian Suolam District
14 Rev. S. Ginlianmang Bangaluru
15 Rev. Khupsianlal Zou Shillong
16 Rev. Kamminthang Chennai

Munpi nasemte:

No. Name Designation
01 Elder Jamsianmung Head Clerk
02 Elder Kamgenpau Accountant
03 Mrs. Niangkhanmang Clerk (UDC)
04 Miss Tracy Niangsuannuam Clerk
05 Mr. David Kapkhanthang Driver
06 Mr. Kamsuankhai Peon
07 Mr. Laangkhanlal Peon (Runner)
08 Mr. Goukhai Chowkidar


No. Name Designation
01 Ms. Pauchiin Evangelist
02 Bhim Prashad Ghatani Evangelist


No. Name Station
01 Thongsuan Aina
02 Elder Kaizalian Muollum
03 Khaibawi Sabuol
04 Goukhenmung Muollum
05 Pauneikhai Hiangtam K
06 Hauminthang Nungshai
07 Thanglianlal Maukot
08 Sienminlien Teisaljang

       c)   Mission Evangelism:

       i)   We have four Mission Fields which included Mangjing Mission Field granted by the PCI General Assembly.

            a) Mangjing (b) Paspati (c) Serou and (d) Imphal Mission Field/Meitei Mission Field.


      ii)   We have Partnerships with Mizoram Synod, Friend’s Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB), Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM) and Myanmar Zou Synod


      d)   Christian Education: 

            The Synod has 11 Mission Schools and 8 Grant Schools.


       e)   Women Ministry:

            Zou Presbyterian Women Fellowship run an Orphanage Home (Tuunnu Limbel) and Tailoring Training Centre for a new Mission vision to reach unreached people and 25 orphans in the home.


       f)   Youth Ministry:

            The Zou Presbyterian Youth Fellowship Organized Lakutpi (A great song Festival) to produce more singers who had talents and Praise the Almighty God.


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